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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've Hit a New Low

For weekly spending that is!

My out of pocket spending for this entire week has only been $20.37 !   

Now, in order to accomplish that I have used coupons, Extra Care Bucks, gift cards (that were free money for transferring prescriptions) and a Walgreens' Register Reward.  I also bought the groceries at Save A Lot, which sure helps the budget. 

Cool thing is....after my Walgreens' purchases today, I am getting back $29.67 in rebates that will be loaded to my Walgreens' gift card!  

So, in summary, everything pictured, plus 2 gallons of milk , 4 Glade Candles, and the items in my previous picture, were all purchased for $20.37 out of pocket.  

Now to be fair, we did have a supper of take out last night.  I have had a nasty cold brewing this week so husband picked up sandwiches and fries to bring home.  He spent about $8.00 total.  Even adding that into the total, we have done very well.

I even "grew" my Extra Care Bucks at CVS due to coupons and now have $32.00 in those sitting in my wallet.   I will probably use some just on milk this month to continue to keep my spending low. 

I have enough chocolate and cold medicine to get me through my current bug and I am set on most everything else.  I can sit back, enjoy the stockpile, and wait on the best deals to come to me!   

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Anonymous said...

Great Job Anita!