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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Such a busy time

I have had a great weekend, but these days are certainly busy. On Friday husband and I went Christmas shopping. Now, I have done a lot of shopping, and much was done last summer. However, this is the first time that husband has really gone with me. We scratched off a few more names from the list and we are getting close.  On Saturday I traveled with a friend to another town for a bridal shower for her future daughter in law.  That was a very fun day. What did I do today?  Not much. We ate a simple lunch at home after church and I made two trips to Walgreens.  Funny thing is that I had just told husband last week that I was not buying anymore cereal until I got a deal.  He loves his cereal as I have explained quite a few times on this blog.  I just cannot believe that I used to actually pay about $4.00 a box back in the old days.  Now I will not pay more than $1.00 because I know if I wait, I will get a deal. The deal is here! Husband can rest assured that his cereal stash is protected from dwindling.  

Walgreens has cereal $1.99 a box, which for some is a good deal, but not good enough for me.  Thank you Target for posting a manufacturer's coupon on your site which gave me an additional $5.00 off of 4 boxes!  That made my cereal only .74 cents a box!   Better than I had hoped.  Everything in the picture below came to $9.37.  I also earned a $5.00 register reward from the Triaminic to use later. 

The above picture shows:
  • 8 boxes of cereal
  • 2 boxes of Kleenex
  • 2 boxes of Triaminic Thin Strips ( I made money on these)
  • 4 packages of Chinet
  • 1 gallon of milk
All for  $9.37!   

You can copy my deals, I found all of them at Common Sense With Money.  (check my sidebar) 

Other than "robbing" Walgreens, as husband puts it. I took a nap and watched a movie with hubby this evening.  

A restful end to a busy weekend. 

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