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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here's to Birthdays

I have not been around here for a while, and the thing is, I really like doing this. I just get caught up with other stuff and then I forget about this little project of mine.

I do want to talk tonight about my birthday. On Friday I turned 54. For some odd reason that sounds so much older than 53. I think it is because I couldn't wait to turn 53. Some of you know of that shadow that was hanging over me for my entire 52nd year. My oldest brother passed away at that age, and I just wanted to prove that 52 was much too young for that. I could not let that happen to me, especially after my health problems the previous year. So I longed to be 53. It was a celebration in and of itself.

So now, even if 54 sounds "much" older, I was pretty happy to be having another birthday. In the weeks preceding this day, I would see the short spots on TV from the American Cancer Society where a guy with a guitar is singing a slow rendition of the Happy Birthday song. Its intention was to celebrate birthdays in general for cancer survivors. I decided a few weeks ago that he was singing to me personally and thought it was quite thoughtful of them. Okay, so maybe he was not really, but it is one of those commercials that take on a very special meaning to those that relate to it.

It is a sweet celebration really, just to be having another birthday. I just cannot take them for granted any more. I know we all complain sometime about getting older, and I know that everyday I have a new ailment, but I should not complain about anything really.

What a blessed woman I am. I celebrated on Friday with my family, showered with gifts, enjoying a dinner out and feeling so very loved.

Here's to birthdays.

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Penny said...

Birthdays are great, espeically when you have amazing family to celebrate with! Glad it was that way for you!