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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What happened to Gratitude?

Tonight husband and I went to KFC to have dinner courtesy of Oprah and KFC.   I left with a very satisfied tummy, but a very discouraged outlook on America. 

 Mind you, this was a FREE meal.

  When husband and I arrived there were about 15 people in line, all with coupons in hand.  After getting our meal and while dining there, at least 20 more came in, and as the others, everyone had a coupon for their free meal.  This coupon clearly states that this meal is a manager's choice meal, and  with this particular restaurant anyway,  that included which sides were given.  

Oh my, I have not heard so much complaining for a long time.  

People were upset when they would temporarily run out of grilled chicken.  What did they expect?   This restaurant was graciously replacing the grilled chicken with your choice of fried  when they ran out, and people still grumbled.  People complained about the sides, and about the fact that you could only print FOUR coupons.  

I made it a point to thank two employees for our meal and to tell them how delicious it was. 
It really was delicious.  I am also glad that we dined in, purchased drinks, and that we did not cause them to use the extra packaging on a carry out order.    

I thought though, how sad this experience was.  Our country is in the middle of one of its hardest recessions, and someone steps up to "give everyone in America a free meal".   I would think people would actually show a little gratitude.  I would also think that if the year were 1940 and someone would have done this that the public would probably have kissed the hands of those that prepared it.  

What has happened  since then ?   

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Penny said...

we had to get a rain check for our meal..kfc has been over welmed with this offer!! but there were people who didnt want a rain check was kinda cool, cause some people said ok and then still stayed and bought their supper..just like we good for kfc anyway!!