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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kmart Double Deals

I could have spent just over $22.00  on these items, ($5.99 each for the Northern, and $5.29 each for the Clearasil)
But...thanks to Kmart double coupons, I spent just over $22.00 for everything in the bottom picture (t.p. and Clerasil included!)  That's what I call smart shopping.   If you notice, we will have happy pets in our house!  
I love the variety of items too.  I have cleaning products, food items, pet treats and food, mascara,  other health and beauty items, plus batteries and playing cards.  Great way to round out the stockpile.   I am loving my coupons!   The word is out though that Kmart is suspending all double coupon events until the end of the year.  I guess we all better take advantage of it this week. 

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