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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Friday, April 16, 2010

I was just thinking...

Lately I have been in my deep thinking mood.  Not really wanting this blog to be all about bargains and shopping, but rather more about who I really am. Now, I admit that bargain hunting is in my blood, but is that all I really want to be known for ?  I hope not.

So for those of you who stop by here occasionally, you just might see more of the posts that I used to compose. 

Fair warning.

Tonight, especially, I have been thinking about a card that I found today in my mailbox. I get similar ones quite often.  These are all from the same sender, The "Thursday Morning Morning Bible Study".  This is a group of ladies from my church that meet regularly for a Bible study and for prayer.  They pray for me of all people.  I have posted a copy of this card because it has touched me so.  Now the reason I am posting it has nothing to do with the part about my witness, however it is the first line that has me humbled.  

"We are always praying for you" 

Aren't those words powerful? 

Think of this:  This May it will be 2 years since my heart attack.  In September it will be 2 years since I was surgically cured of cancer.  Two years, no problems to speak of, and no set backs. Easy sailing. 

Yet, this group of women still pray for me, and they still send me cards. One might say that they could stop now, that there is no need to devote this time and effort for me any longer.

Ah, but might I say that maybe, just maybe that this group of persistent prayer warriors is part of the reason that I am cancer free and that my heart has not skipped a single beat?  

Sometimes we are not able to see the methods that God uses to work things out in our lives.  Sometimes, however,  the signs are there and we miss them.  I thank God that He reminded me to be thankful for this group of ladies tonight.  

I guess we all need to thank those people in our lives that keep us encouraged and keep us going.  Or perhaps the lesson to be learned here, is that we need to be the people who keep others going.  Something to think about. 

Life sure  is sweet in the Body of Christ. 


Inkling said...

I like posts from the heart the very best. And this one made me think.

First, I got a little envious, because my women's prayer group rarely prays each Wednesday for people in need (like me!), instead praying for community/Church needs. And they would not think to send cards when they do pray. This week, I sent them an update to let them know how they could be praying, and the woman who sends out the emails to our group edited mine so much that it completely erased my heart's cries. I so felt the need to share my burden, but felt instead that she was embarrassed by my openness and vulnerability to share so deeply.

So I envied you. And then, I got an idea. Or more accurately, I think God gave me an idea.

Since I can't attend that prayer group any longer because I don't have childcare and can't bring my little guy, and since I'd rather pray for actual individuals, why don't I start a little group at my house? Sure, it would be a little chaotic with my toddler rambling around. But we could pray for the folks in our church going through hard physical, emotional, and life challenges (those of us who feel really alone most days, even though there are many of us in very similar circumstances). And then we could send the folks a card at the end of prayer time just to let them know that we hear them, pray for them, and have not forgotten them.

So thank you for sharing this. I never would have been able to hear that idea from Jesus if it hadn't been for this post. From envy to that is a fun change!

Anonymous said...

Inkling Great IDEA!!! Anita..I love reading whatever is on your blog..Your posts always seem to touch me in some way on some level.

Penny said...

I love reading your posts and look forward to hearing how old friends are doing..I thank God for the friends I had in Illinois and for the wonderful Christian friends He has brought into my life in Indiana...I hope you Illinois friends know that I pray for you still...missing the times I had with you anytime you are here, please let me know..would love to chat with you, introduce you to my Indiana friends and invite you to our church...