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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter-Anniversary

I am proud that two very special days have converged into one on this date. The first is Easter, and the second, my 29th wedding anniversary. Now, I am fine with giving Easter top billing. I know that the very fiber of who I am is dependant upon the circumstances of this day. I am grateful to have a Lord who loved me enough to die on the cross to forgive my sins, and then rose again to ensure my own resurrection some day.

The second event, my wedding anniversary also speaks volumes as to who I am. I have loved and lived with this man and have carved out a life on this earth which includes him. That these two days are celebrated together this year is quite a blessing.

I say all of this to introduce my walk down memory lane. I would like to reminisce for a while and explain how this wedded union all began….

If you remember from earlier posts, husband and I went to the same small town Bible College. That is where we met and this is the how:

I was a cheerleader on campus and a friend on the basketball team first introduced me to future husband, he was a nice guy and it seemed he was at all the games, so I saw him often. Soon, these meetings became slightly intentional and we entered into the pre-dating phase of a relationship.

I held an on-campus job, which in itself speaks of the 70’s. I was a receptionist in the lobby of my dorm. This was in the day when there were no cell phones, and no telephones in the dorm rooms. A single pay telephone was positioned in the middle of each hall. However, when prince charming had no pocket change he would resort to the other method of communication for his potential princess. Each room was equipped with a state–of–the-art intercom system. That is where my job came in, if I were on duty, it was my job to buzz whatever room and announce to the resident that prince charming was in the lobby. (Or possibly the pizza delivery guy)

Now, the single most important dating event of the campus was approaching and a poster for this event was positioned right behind my desk. Not only did I have to buzz other girls for their dating opportunities, but also I had to endure staring at that poster each night I worked. Dateless me helped further many relationships while I longed for a date to the Ball. Did I say Ball? Oh no, let me explain that. Remember, this is a Bible College. In the day, no honorable Bible College would host a dance; they just could not take the risk of what that might lead to. Instead the most important event of the year, one that any girl seriously working on her “M-R-S” Degree would aspire to attend, was The Winter Banquet. I was no exception. So far, a date for the banquet had eluded me. But, the very job, which seemed a curse, would also prove to be a blessing. On this particular night, my prince charming had decided to spend his evening hanging out at the desk!
This was very nice, because it gave me a chance to get to know him better and I did not feel so sad as I buzzed girls to come to the lobby. As we sat there that night and made small talk, I noticed he got rather quiet for a moment and then he quietly pointed to the poster on the wall and asked if I wanted to go to THE WINTER BANQUET. My heart leapt as I turned to him and sweetly answered yes. His next words should have spoken volumes about this man as he said, “Well, not with me, I just wondered if you wanted to go”. It took a moment for me to gain my composure and decide my next move, and while still deciding, he said he was kidding and did indeed ask me to go.

So there it is, that is how prince charming and I began this wild ride of a life together. We were married two and a half years later, have two great sons, and have been blessed beyond what we feel possible. The bottom photo is of The 1976 Winter Banquet, the date which started it all.


Inkling said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad Uncle Greenteeth found you! You have been an amazing and wonderful blessing to our whole crazy family. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for saying yes to him!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary..and Many More. May you be blessed to be together as long as my grandparents (63 years this year)
Hugs to you both

Farm Wife said...

I'm so glad Uncle Greenteeth worked up the nerve to ask you out, even if there were "no pretty girls" at said Bible college. ;) And the way he asked sounds so much like him still!

Happy Anniversary from you nearly flower girl! I love you both.

Farm Wife said...

Oh, and FarmBoy also liked Uncle Greenteeth's approach...figures!