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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's official, I have become my mother!

If you had known my mother, then you would know that I am proud to become her in any way I can. However, I used to get so mad and not understand her logic when it came to grocery shopping. My mother would go to the grocery and come home with what I thought was the most ridiculous assortment of items. I mean, who needs 19 pounds of chicken all at once, but no hamburger, and why would anyone purchase 6 packages of napkins, and no potato chips to use them with?
Guess what I did this week? Yep. I bought 6 packages of napkins so I could use coupons and get them for 47 cents each, and today I bought 19 pounds of chicken for 79 cents a pound. I finally get it. Buy what is on sale, or what you have the coupons for, buy lots of it, and round out the stockpile one way at a time. A few weeks ago it was pork ribs and Grillin’ Beans. Next week maybe I will get that hamburger. Eventually our freezer and pantry will have a vast assortment of sale items and we will be sitting pretty. Actually, I already am sitting pretty and this is finally paying off. Because there is little we "need" at any given time, I can focus on the sale items and keep my cost low. My weekly shopping came in under my lofty goal of $50.00 this week, including a few trips to Walgreens.
As a side note to my Walgreens’ trip, I finally had one of those golden moments while shopping. Walgreens actually paid me money! I bought 4 bags of Dove Chocolate, and two packs of Trident. I had multiple coupons, plus a $3.00 register reward. When all was said and done, the clerk said, “Looks like we owe you on that one.” She handed me back $1.61 ! That was a first for me, and I am still giddy inside.
So, Mother, I hope I have made you proud. You taught me how to spend wisely. It just took me a while to put it into practice.


Queen Mother said...

Way to Go


Good job man

Anonymous said...

i so wish there was stores like this in my area..