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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kudos to Target and Kohl's

Good customer service will mean a lot this holiday season.  Let me give shout outs to both Target and Kohl's!  

Husband and I had a quick date night tonight and took advantage of a quick trip out to eat and to two of my favorite stores. We made such great time and were back home by 7:15!  Plus, the deals were sweet!

I purchased everything in the picture for just $16.53.  Without coupons, and using just Target's sale prices,  I would have paid $37.49.  Because of being able to stack Target coupons with manufacturer coupons, I was able to get the Del Monte vegetables for just .20 per can. The fruit came in at .57 per can, but would have cost .95 each.  The Reynold's Wrap cost just $1.00 each due the sale price and manufacturer's coupons. The Ritz Crackers were just .50 per box, thanks to both Target and Manufacturer's coupons.  The Pledge Fabric Sweeper was free with a free item coupon.  The cheese was on sale and I used one of the $1.50 off of 2 lbs of any brand cheese coupons. 
Now, this is why I am impressed with Target. 
On our way home I realized that the cashier accidently rang up 2 Pledge Fabric Sweepers.  I called the store from my cell phone and explained the situation.  After giving the customer service girl the receipt numbers, she was able to credit back $5.00 to my debit card right then and there.  No return trip to the store for a refund!  That was quite impressive!

Now on to Kohl's--

See my nice new kitchen rugs?  I have needed new rugs for a very long time.  I have actually been hanging on to one for quite a while that our dog got hold of a long time ago.  Let me say that a rug with fringe on the ends is not good for dogs or for Dysons.   

Last week I did major Christmas shopping at Kohl's.  I had received a 30% discount and I take advantage of those when I get them.  I charge what I want and then pay it off.  Because of this I also earned a lot of Kohl's Cash.  I planned on using the Kohl's Cash for new kitchen rugs.  The rugs I wanted go on sale TOMORROW.  However, the kind man at customer service let me have the sale price tonight!  After the sale price,  I had an additional 15% off due to my "pick a day", and then I used my Kohl's Cash.  I was able to purchase rugs that would have cost $140.00  for a total of $11.85!   Now, I am sure I would not have ever paid $140.00 for these rugs.  But I would have probably been willing to pay  more than $11.85.   (click on receipt to enlarge) 

So, there you have it.  Two really good experiences at two of my favorite stores, plus our night out turned out to be a very frugal one! 

(I just noticed that if Kohl's had given me my 15% discount BEFORE using my Kohl's Cash, that my balance would have been much less.  I am not going to complain though.  I still only paid $11.85.)


Kork said...

WOW! I knew I loved those stores for all sorts of reasons, but this just confirms it!

Thank you for reaffirming my belief that retail is a basically GOOD industry!

PJsMommy said...

Very cool! I truly dislike shopping and you make it sound sooo easy! Thanks for sharing & CONGRATS on the great deals!