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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Everyone says, "Have a good Christmas", yet I wonder sometimes how do we really determine that? I know some would determine it by the number or expense of the gifts that you give or receive, others by whether you get to see your family or not, and some by the dinners you prepare or attend.

Today I have tried to take a cue from Mary (yes, THAT Mary) and have taken some time to ponder these things in my heart. ( I love that portion of scripture by the way, it is found in Luke, chapter 2) This was a different year for me. Perhaps it is age, or wisdom, or just contentment, but I had a very hard time putting things that I wanted on a list to give to my husband and sons. There were no big gifts that I wanted, and really, the small things were not huge desires. I love the simple gifts that I received, but I would not rate this Christmas at all by the gifts I gave or received.

Family is always important to me, and yes this year was pivotal in the family category. This was the first Christmas that my husband's side did not have a "home" to go home to. His mom and dad are settled in their new independent living apartment, and while they are doing well, it is not the home where everyone was used to having Christmas Dinner . For that reason, we decided to host the dinner for husband's parents, siblings, spouses, our own boys, and one nephew and his wife. There were 12 of us, and actually that is a crowd in our house. We pulled out the Christmas dishes that Mom had owned, used her glassware, her silverware, tablecloth, and numerous other items to put on a feast, that hopefully followed some of the family traditions.

It was wonderful.

Yes, I worked hard, partly due to the fact that everyone was traveling and it would be difficult for them to prepare much, but mostly because I wanted to. Now, the fact that we were able to share Christmas with them was indeed wonderful, and the dinner was adequate, I still cannot say that those reasons made it a "good" Christmas. For each family member I got to see, there are many more that I missed seeing. So that cannot be the reason.

It is so much more.

For me, it has to come down to my faith. Christmas IS what it is all about. I know that without this moment in history that HIS story would not be revealed. I know that the beginning of Christmas as we in America know it has pagan roots, that the true event probably did not occur on December the 25th, yet those facts do not change the real story of what happened over 2000 years ago. This year I have been blessed to have the real meaning sink in all over again. The God of the Universe came down as the greatest gift of all. It was a "good" Christmas, personally, because I feel I "get" it.

Truth be told, it really has nothing to do with gifts, dinners, or even your family. It is all about HIM, and I have to say that is very good.

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Penny said...

very well put...I hope your hubby's parents are doing well..awesome people, who love God and have passed that on to their family..I see that whenever I read Farm Wife's blog...times change..our families grow up and some move so that we do not get to see them as often and some of them have passed and that makes our holidays difficult...but last night during our Christmas Eve service I was looking at the empty manager that was on the stage and it dawned on me that over 2000 years ago there was a baby there..there was hope in that Child..and there was Peace on that night...those are the things that make Christmas....Merry Christmas to your family!