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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

D is for Dating

is for Dating

Ahhh, dating. The whole process of dating is wrong if you ask me. Seems a bit like going shopping and trying on shoes. I wish there would just be one person for everybody and you only date to get to know them better before you marry them.

But, since dating has actually served me well, it deserves a day of its own.

I did not date much in high school. I think that in all 4 years I dated about 4 people. One was long term and the others were brief. Can I just say right now that I thank God every time I think about it that I did not marry one of those boys?!

When I went off to Bible College I was still quite young. I did not turn 18 until October of my freshman year. That year I had only one date, which was quite strange if you ask me. He was a good bit older than I, and when I asked him just how old he was, he refused to tell me. Sort of scared me just a bit.

Then I met Steve.

We were both attending Bible College. He had attended Jr. College before, so he was older than me, but came later. We had mutual friends, I being a cheerleader, and he being good friends with some of the ball players.

He was so funny. Those of you who know him now would not believe that he was so outgoing in many ways back then. He could make you laugh in a matter of minutes, whether it was impersonating Forest Brooks, running up the gym wall, or just laughing. When I was first approached by our friend with the idea of dating Steve, I first commented on how he was always funny. I was assured that he could be serious as well.

Our first date was the campus Winter Banquet. This was the one and only true dress-up event of the year. I wore a dark blue dress, he a dashing blue and gold plaid sport coat. We both wore yellow roses.

Funny thing though about buying shoes, you absolutely know when you find the right ones. Same here. Seems I knew very soon that this would be my future husband. We continued to date for just over 2 years before we married.

Although, I like to think that we are dating still.

Love you honey.

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