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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Friday, June 5, 2009

Chicken and Strawberries

I could live on those two foods.  Well almost, I must get my potato quotient in there.

Last week bone-in chicken breasts were on special for 88 cents a pound.  I bought about 16 pounds.  I roasted most of it (some I pulled off the bone after roasting, some I left as is and  we will thaw those and throw them on the grill for a few minutes all sauced up) , I  de-boned some of it into boneless -skinless breasts and tenders ,  cooked down any trimmings into a delicious broth,  and now I have it all divided up in the freezer.  Today we purchased strawberries at 49 cents a pound!  Husband and I both bought some so now my freezer is packed with an assortment of sliced and sweetened, crushed and frozen ( I will pull those back out to make jam when I am ready) , and a tray of whole berries that are freezing individually so I can bag them whole later.  

Shopping the way I do (stockpiling) allows me to take advantage of the really big sales without feeling that my family will suffer that week if I put most of my grocery money into one or two items.  

Even if I spend all my grocery money on a few items, there is always something in my freezer or pantry that I bought up on a previous sale and I make my meals from what I have on hand.  

I love being frugal.

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Penny said...

I am with you on this!! I LOVE strawberries and we have chicken at least once a week. if I had a bigger freezer I would put strawberries away too...I think you need to teach new brides how to be frugal!!!