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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Huge Blessing!

Husband and I were graciously given corn from two of our friends today. 

What a blessing this was!  Our family has quite a history of putting corn up for the freezer.  Before husband and I were even married I would help "do" corn.  I have done corn for over 30 years.  We used to get corn from a relative, then when he retired from farming  we were lucky enough to find another source.  Last year due to my health issues we did not do corn, but fortunately we were blessed by some people from our church who did some for us.  

Today, when husband got off of work we drove to a field and picked our corn.  Just the 2 of us.   About 6 bushels!  We were also given about 1 bushel today already picked from someone else.  We then headed home to begin husking,  and our "silking team" arrived.   Three  friends dug right in and silked their way through the mound of corn.  I started as soon as I could inside with the blanching, and cutting.  Truth be told, husband and I finished just after midnight, but oh, what a wonderful feeling to have two freezers full of corn!  (Ours and husband's parents) 

Grand total:

99 quart bags cut off the cob

20 bags of 4 ears each, on the cob

60 ears given away

 Just a portion of our bounty, isn't it beautiful?

   Cut and ready for bagging

  Nearing completion  


Penny said...

that will taste very yummy in December!!!

Inkling said...

I miss doing that with you. It's my hope to get that done in the next couple of weeks for our family here. Today, a friend from church gifted me with a ton of fruits and veggies from their farm to make baby food. How I'll manage to do that with a babe underfoot is not something I've yet figured out. Wanna come help? I'll feed you berries of all kinds for free. =)