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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopped till we Dropped

Shopping to near the point of exhaustion is not a good thing.  Super double coupons at Kmart is however.  Sister and I know the grocery section of that store very well after our marathon trip yesterday.  Has anyone else ever spent 3 HOURS in a Kmart?  Granted, it was a yukky, muggy, hot day, but 3 hours?   I know we are crazy.  But, I will tell you the deals were sweet.  I definitely went over my usual spending , but that is how I shop.  "Buy at the rock bottom price, buy lots, and don't buy again for months".   Thing is, I spend less on these "marathon" trips than I used to spend weekly. 

This is how our day went:
  • Walgreens #1
  • CVS
  • Lunch at Quizno's (those little Torpedo thing are good)
  • Kroger
  • Back to her house to put Kroger stuff in fridge
  • Walgreens #2  (great deal going on with Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese, and we cleaned them out)
  • Kmart (3 hours)
  • Walgreens # 3 (sorry we took all of the Shells and Cheese, they will get more)
  • Back to her house to transfer all my loot from her car to mine and to pick up Kroger goodies
  • Said good-byes and I came HOME

**We used to shop for fun things and spend our money on cute things for our houses, clothes, craft things and then eat too much at a fancy restaurant for about $20.00 plus tip.  Now we bargain and  grocery shop and eat for less than $10.00 total.   Are we getting old, or have we learned to be frugal?  Both probably **  Thing is, we are still spending time together, and enjoying our company just as much.  We have just learned how to do it in a fun way and spend less. 

I do not have a picture.  When I got back home with all my loot I was just focused on putting everything away.  We had also shopped at Kroger (not for 3 hours) and there I purchased about 6 pounds of boneless chicken breasts due to a sale and coupon match ups (yes, there are even coupons for chicken).   I separated those and vacuum sealed them for the freezer.  I also had blackberries that were on an amazing sale to lay out on cookie sheets and quick freeze.  I had so much to put away and organize, that I just did not even think of taking a picture.  

I am just about couponed out though.  My high value ones are gone.  Either that, or even with doubling it was not a good deal and I kept my coupon,  You gotta pick and choose your deals.  I do have one more planned trip to the local Kmart this week to buy our dog food.  I have $2.00 coupons for that and I want to double them , but they were out.  

I am tired though.  My legs ached through the night!  I must have logged about 5 miles in that store yesterday wearing flip-flops. Mistake.   

Today I am off to a meeting at school, yeah it's starting.   My bargain hunting days will slow down, but for the last month I have feathered the nest very wisely!  We are set.

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