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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NINE, count them, NINE Children

You might think I am in a nostalgic mood, because my recent posts seem to be based upon old pictures. Actually, I am in love with my scanner and computer and am learning new tricks. As I play more with this technology, I am finding great pictures from my childhood, motherhood and every other important “hood” of my life to scan and then import into my photo program, and eventually into my blog. Some members of my family are getting about 3 emails a day of old pictures which I have dug out of their hiding places. So far they have not complained, but soon when I uncover the vacation photos they just might start.

So, here we go again with some exciting photos from the archives of Silver Belle.
You might remember from my early posts that I am the last of 9 children. I thought you all would like to see the family photo. Well, the “almost family” photo. You see, in the first picture, my mother was pregnant with me. And wouldn’t you know it, this was the last family photo they bothered to have taken. Why, you might ask? Good question. We believe that due to the twin 's (top row middle 2 boys) upcoming trip to the wild blue yonder with the United States Air Force that a photo at this stage of Mother’s pregnancy must have seemed like the thing to do. Who knew that one of the twins would decide to make a 20-year career of the military, pretty much preventing another family photo opportunity?

But alas, thanks to the modern marvel we call Photo Shop, my oldest son was able to fix the problem of the missing baby belle in the family photo.
Photo 2 clearly shows an adorable baby girl upon her daddy’s knee.
Photo 3 is the one, which was shrunk, flipped, shadowed, “noised”, (technical term) and then added to the gang.

Yes, there are a few things that could have been touched up, but all in all I think it is a fine job. I finally have the much-needed place in the family photo and my dad has someone else to smile along with him in the shot.


Farm Wife said...

That is so cool! J.S. did a great job with the photo!

Queen Mother said...

I was going to say the same thing as FW. We must think alike.

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