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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping Marathon

The last few days have been good for our budget, but I am TIRED !  The deals have taken me to Walgreens, WalMart, CVS,  SAMS, Target and Meijer.  I have enough free air fresheners, free Chex Mix, and very inexpensive Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Meals to last quite a while.  (or "more inexpensiver" as our waitress from Smokey Bones would say) I have spent a lot this week in my standards.  About $100.00.  Now, to some of you that is a normal week, but I am used to only spending about $30.00 for Hubby and myself each week.   I have not spent $100.00 in one week for about 2 years!  This week however, I opted to spend more so that I could take advantage of some fantastic deals.    $40.00 out of that was at SAMS to purchase a few bulk items.   Funny, I used to go to SAMS and could easily spend $200.00, now I only buy a few items there because of better deals elsewhere.  I am thinking about not renewing in the future.  

One example of what was saved today: my WalMart receipt  alone went from $96.18 before coupons, to $44.30 afterwards. 

Now, a few of those stores are not in my town, and I do not travel 35 miles for Chex Mix.  However, since we traveled last night to see our boys and celebrate my birthday with them, I took advantage of a shopping trip to Target.  My sister visited today and wanted to go shopping in the "big" city, so we traveled the 35 miles, but made the very most of it with many many coupons spread out over 3 stores  and a free lunch thanks to her Coke Rewards.  That makes the trip profitable. 

There was WAY too much to even consider taking a picture, but this week alone I have purchased the following, plus a ton of other things. 
  •  12 Steam Fresh Meals at $1.74 each (these normally cost $4.98 each at WalMart--having the right coupons sure helps)
  • 32 bags of Chex Mix at Target- price matching the Walgreens ad price, plus using a Target Coupon and a manufactures' coupon on each made most of them free, and some only 25 cents.  I have already given about half of those away, to my son, sister,  and  some set aside for hubby's parents. 
  • 8 Air Wick Fresh-Matic  air freshener systems, $6.00 rollback at WalMart - used 8 -$6.00 coupons, so all I paid was tax
  • 8 packages of 9 roll Northern packages at Walgreens that came to $2.99 each after my coupons, but cost nothing due to Register Rewards from previous purchases (that should last a while.)  This comes in way under SAMS price for TP, and since I paid with register rewards, it is even sweeter. 
  • I lost track of the Glade Sense and Spray and Lasting Impression Air Freshener kits at CVS.  Between CVS coupons from their web site, and my coupons, I got about 12 of these for free. 
Those are just the highlights,   I also got 4 Progresso Soups for 50 cents a can at WalMart,  6 free deodorants and 6 free shampoos at Walgreens. and lots and lots more.  

I regret not keeping exact totals, but this was by far one of my best weeks ever.  

Now, looking ahead at the deals for next week. they look pretty slim.  I actually am glad.  I will focus on other things next week and enjoy the bounty.   I will only need to buy milk for the next few next weeks , so it will definitely balance out. 

I am just so humbled and blessed at what God provides. 

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Kork said...

WOW!!!! I thought I did well with hitting our King Soopers (aka Krogers and City Market) and getting $115 for $35!

Thanks for sharing your frugal living experiences on your blog! I knew FarmWife and Inkling had an awesome aunt, but this is totally incredible!!!!! and so inspiring!

I'm trying desperately to keep my budget for family of 4 (soon to be 5) under $200 including toiletries and paper's tough, but so rewarding!