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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Need Therapy

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I wonder if there are any coupon support groups out there?  Maybe one for coupon addicts, or one for coupon crazed middle aged women, or most importantly, a group for those who suffer from melt downs when a coupon was not credited?   Yikes.  I have fallen into the last group and just to let you know how very low I have fallen, let me tell you what happened last night:

I made trips to two different Walgreens last night and did very well with my wheeling and dealing. I did 4 transactions and because of great coupons, I made money on some items which transfered over to savings on other items.  I was quite smug, yet a tiny bit confused when I left the store.    I knew something did not seem right, but I came home anyway.  Two hours later, I am curled up in my pajamas, in my bed, when it hit me!   The clerk did not take off my buy one get one coupon!   A B1G1 no less!   How dare he?   I did the math and realized that my total would have been $2.99 less.  $2.99, why that's a gallon of milk and a candy bar and I just lost it to a clerk that forgot to deduct it from my total.  

I am embarrassed to say what I did next.  I got out of bed, threw off my pj bottoms, slipped on my slacks, my coat and shoes, receipt in hand,  and went back!   Now, the store is only 2 minutes away, so at least I am not totally crazy, but I was pleased as punch when the manager handed over cash to me to cover the coupon.  

Pictured above  is my loot for the evening.   And my final total was only $8.63!   ( I even came home with a $3.00 RR from the Kleenex!)  Just look at all that stuff!   I know I am a bit crazy, but the craziness helps the budget. 

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