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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Saturday

Sister and I shopped all over her town today, and I came home with a haul!  The above items should have cost $135. 43, but with combining sales with coupons, I spent $36. 65!  I was able to get many of the items absolutely FREE!  The following were free due to coupons:
  • 2 Packages of Irish Spring bar soap
  • 4 Snickers bars
  • 2 tubs of I Can't Believe it's not Butter
  • 8 boxes of Ronzoni Pasta
  • 2 Tostitos Dips
  • 2 of the packages of Bistro lunchmeat
  • 5 packages of Bar S smoked sausage
Not bad, heh?  This is why I save coupons. 

The only items that I did not have a coupon for were the Powerade, the oranges, and the chips (but they were on a special deal, and buying them gave me the Tostitos dip for free)

  • We also hit Kohl's (bought a greatly reduced suit and sport-coat for hubby , with an additional 30 % off)
  • Wal-mart -had a couple of free item coupons and some other good ones there as well.
  • I got free shampoo at CVS
The day ended on a sour note however due to a huge misunderstanding on the part of the checker at Kroger's.   I let these things get to me, but she clearly did not know how coupons work.  I did make one mistake because there are no posted or clear rules on their coupon policy.  I had 3 too many Ronzoni coupons in my order.  After I did that (even though  I offered to return them) she acted as if I was out to "get" them.  I was in the right other than my Ronzoni error, but she started questioning all of my coupons after that.   I will shake this feeling off, but I hate being made to feel like I am cheating when I try so hard to be ethical.  Would some of you out there vouch for me, and could you please call this Kroger store? 

 I will sleep better tonight if you do! 

All for now, I need to cook tonight. 


Anonymous said...

bring those york pieces to school!!

Sara said...

Teach me more Anita! I thought I did good at Target!

I really liked the sweet rolls! We had them yesterday!

Penny said...

I agree that is just leaves a bad feeling when they question you, especially when all they have to do is run a tape and they can look to see what you have purchased. Kroger is my favorite grocery store because I can do on their website and "load" coupons on my shopper card..then I dont have to carry in coupons, they just come off automatically. I love reading about your shopping trips..