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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trying to do more

I am at that stage in my recovery where I feel I need to stretch myself a bit. My plan is to return to work on Oct. 6th, and in order to successfully do that, my arms need to work. I did not anticipate how much trouble I would have getting my arms to work without pain in the shoulders. Today I am home with our oldest son. He will help do the things that I just don't feel I can do, like, sweep. mop. and other big chores. I am trying to do some things on my own. I stripped the bed this morning, but that took a while, I may have to wait until husband comes home to put it back together. I have put a bit of laundry away, and started one load. I think I am going to rest a bit, because I am already noticing some additional pain. I will find a balance between working some, and resting some. My neck is still very stiff and sore so there is not much movement going on there regardless of what I do.

We are leaving the house for supper tonight and eating dinner at husband's folks. Yum Yum. I am anxious for that meal, and quite honestly I am anxious to get out of the house. I am wanting to get out a bit more now, so that is a good sign.

I think things are going well. If I had not had to have a second surgery I think I would be ahead of things, but all in all, recovery is going as good as can be expected.

Another thing that shows I am getting better...I am looking for deals again and anxious for the Sunday coupons. I have not completely abandoned my couponing during recovery, I had some that were going to expire so husband took me to Wal Mart yesterday. That is not his favorite place, so you all can see how much he loves me! I managed to get a $55.00 bill down to $23.00 due to 28 coupons, so that was like a dose of medicine for me. That trip was enough though to show me that I am not ready to do that on my own, and am not healed enough for everyday shopping.

I think that this last week off will afford me to build up my stamina as I try to do more, and allow me time to rest as needed.
I am looking forward to getting better!

**Update. This post sat on the computer for a while as I watched TV and did a bit more odds and ends. I think I have reached my limit. The right shoulder is just hurting too much to keep up much more. Time to plop.

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