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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Monday, November 10, 2008

23 Years Ago Today

What a wonderful day.

The days leading up to November 10, 1985 were not so wonderful. Our oldest son was 22 months old at the time and had been having problems with recurring pneumonia. This bout landed him in the hospital for a total of 5 days. I was 9 months pregnant, yet managed to stay a few nights in the hospital with oldest. He had gone in on a Monday and by Thursday I noticed something strange. I was suspicious that I would soon be in labor due to some tale tell signs, and the nurses on the floor decided I needed a roll away bed to sleep on rather than a recliner. I slept okay that night, but after seeing the doctor the next morning I was sent home to my own bed and instructed to get some rest because labor was in fact, imminent. Mother in law spent that night with oldest and by the next morning he was able to come home. What relief when we were able to get home with him on Saturday. That day was a frustrating one though, because although he was home, he still was a sick little boy. Our washing machine decided to break that day as well, sending a huge puddle of water across our entire laundry room. Ever notice how misery loves company and there never is just one thing going wrong at a time?

Finally we all went to sleep that night and rested fairly well. Even though the next day was Sunday it was decided that we would all stay home from church. Oldest was not allowed to go out in public yet, and we could not figure out who should stay home with him. If I had stayed home by myself with him, then there would be a problem if I went into labor. If husband stayed home, then I would have to drive to church alone, creating another potential problem if I went into labor. So we all stayed home, and tried to "rest up" for the next big event.

Sure about 1:00 pm, I was stepping out of the shower and noticed that my water broke. Before long we were at the hospital and while my water had indeed broken, no labor pains accompanied that event. We spent a few hours waiting in a labor room while our doctor decided the course of action. Finally it was decided that I would be induced and our sweet baby boy was born just before 10:00 pm.

I was thrilled. Many people wondered if we had wanted a girl the second time around, and in some ways I thought I would have. But I will try to tell you where exactly my heart was. Our oldest had already brought us so much joy and having a son was in every way a wonderful experience. I had nothing to relate to as far as a daughter was concerned and I knew that there was no way our joy could be any greater had we had a girl. There was nothing sweeter to my ears than hearing first of all that this baby was perfect, and then that it was another boy.
Over the years this child has continued to fill our days with joy and laughter. He has taught us much through his generous, loving spirit, has amazed us with his creative, intelligent mind, and had blessed us time and again by his love of, and unique outlook on life. The relationship that he and his brother share has warmed my heart and has made me proud to see that they are not only brothers, but best of friends.

Happy Birthday Youngest!
I pray that this day has brought you joy as you have brought to us!


Kristi said...

What a beautiful message Anita...

Penny said...

I agree! I love having 2 boys and now that they are men, they are best friends. Watching Jim being Joe's best man at the wedding and giving the toast made me cry!!! Your day will come!!