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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back in The Saddle Again

I am a coupon junkie.

Today while coughing and snorting I decided one thing I can do is to get my coupons organized and ready for my shopping pleasure. I am half way there. All my coupons are clipped and husband has graciously been updating my coupon file by pulling all of the expired coupons. You would not believe how far behind I was...I did a terrible thing, I had to throw away two entire coupon inserts because I had let the entire things expire! Shame on me! However, in my defense, they were duplicates of some that I had used to my advantage. Once I am totally filed I will be hitting the bargains. I already have plans for Walgreens and WalMart this week so that I can use some of my prize coupons and I might just post a picture again of my finds. Remember when I used to do that? I do not want to do that with every shopping trip, but every now and then will be fun.

Oh- by the way... I have updated my link lists on my side bar. I deleted a few of my frugal sites because they were becoming a bit disappointing, I added one that helps me a ton--you can click on it to find out what coupons will be upcoming in the Sunday inserts. Usually by Thursday of each week you can go to Coupon Clippers and find out what the big city papers will have. You can buy coupons from that site as well, but I have never done that. I just use that site to decide if I want to buy extra papers based on my needs and if so, how many papers.

I so want to get completely well so that I can host a coupon class. Actually more than just a coupon class...I want to share all the amazing money saving tips that I have learned in the last 8-9 months since I have been following those blogs. I wish I had been keeping track like some do of the number of coupons used and the exact amount of money I have saved. I do know that our debts have been going down consistently while we have been able to save more money than before. I just really watch my spending now, and the more I watch it, the more I want to watch it!

I also have added links to folks I really know. I used to have most of those on my side bar, but deleted them one time. You can drop by those sites and tell them I sent you.


Anonymous said...

I would love to take part in a coupon class!

Anonymous said...

Anita, I was on Kevin's account, sorry for the confusion...