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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My "CVScapades" (My sister coined that term...I love it)

It was a very good day.

Everything in this picture, all $192.05 worth cost me a total of $20.74. My out of pocket would have been much less, if I had broken up the Right Guard purchases into about 3 more transactions, but it was Thanksgiving after all and I did have other things to do. I still walked out with only paying slightly over 20 bucks and have $35.00 in Extra Care Bucks for my next shopping trip.

Here is just what is in the picture in case you can't make it all out:

5 Right Guard Professional Strength Deodorants (these alone would have cost $40.00!)

3 packages of 3 each Dial Soap

1 Aussie Shampoo

1 Aussie conditioner

3 Gatorade G2

2 Maybelline Mineral Power (liquid make up)

1 Gover Girl Liquid make up

1 Cover Girl pressed powder

2 Colgate Total toothpaste

2 Loreal Lip Juice Lip Gloss

2 Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail polish

1 Johnson's Soft Lotion

1 Garnier Make Up removing cloths

1 King size Hershey Bar

1 Shick Titanium Trimmers

1 package of 2 each 5 Hour Energy Shots

2 packages of Phillip's ipod ear buds

I did start with $35.00 in Extra Bucks, so I had a good way to start my shopping spree. I also had $8.00 in manufacturer's coupons. I did 4 different transactions, and like I said, if I had split up my last purchase I would have spent less. I am not beating myself up though over this. I am quite pleased.

The store was out of the Bic Soliel razors that were in the sale ad for today though. Actually, they had one on their shelf and a gal in front of me got it. No problem...I have 4 in my stockpile.

I guess I should also include CVS with what I am thankful for this year, but not necessarily just CVS. I actually am thankful for this whole new way of shopping. Stockpiling, couponing, and matching ads has really boosted our budget!

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Inkling said...

I wish we had that option here. I just found out that our women's Christmas gathering at church this week is collecting items for a women's refuge here in town, and they are asking us to bring cosmetics and hair products. Having just given three hair mousse cans (never used now that I'm in my low maintenance days) to another charity, I'm left wondering what to do. It will cost a fortune to bring anything of substance, but if we had CVS and Walgreens like you do, it would be so fun to load up. Oh well. We'll figure out something.