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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seems like a long time

I am so sorry. I know it has been a while. For you faithful few that check every day please forgive me. These are busy days. I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and with having both boys home that I have neglected this blog.

They have been busy days. While everyone else shopped after Thanksgiving, I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned some more. I cleaned on Saturday as well. Much needs cleaned all over again, but it sure looked good for a while.

Our boys, mainly prompted by youngest' pleading decided to go out and chop down a real Christmas this year. We have not had a real one for about 10 years at least. They did an amazing job and we put it up on Saturday evening. The house smells wonderful! (thank you youngest, it was a good idea)

~Sorry about that photo and the weird black borders. Blogger did not like the way I had cropped it. ~

The last few days I have been busy as well, partly by snagging more bargains! Our local K-Mart finally decided to join with the rest of the K-Marts and do the super double coupons. Husband and I went on Sunday evening for the first trip and I did pretty well. I returned after an my therapy appointment on Monday evening just to pick up 2 Gillette body washes that ended up being free. However, tonight was the best trip of all. When I went on Sunday night I had purchased 4 cans of End Dust spray. The register kicked out a one dollar coupon good on future K-Mart purchases, but before the register was done, it froze. They had to re-boot it and it took a long time. When it came back up it spat out 4 more coupons. The clerk said she was giving me all of them since I had to wait so long. Tonight when I went I was "armed" with a few select coupons that I wanted doubled and the one dollar coupons from the register. They let me use them all! My manufacturer coupons all doubled, then I got to use the 8 one dollar coupons to reduce my total! I bought over $41.00 dollars worth of stuff for $1.68!!! It was sweet! Here is what I bought:

2 bags of Hershey Bells

2 bags of Holiday Reese's

2 bags of Kit Kats (yes youngest I will save some)

1 box of Fruit Loops

1 bag of Pup-peroni dog snacks

1 package of Dixie paper plates

2 -36 count St. Joseph 81mg aspirin

2 -24 count Tylenol Rapid Release

1 Gillette Body Wash

1 Diet Pepsi (mine)

I think I have just about depleted my good coupons though. I will not likely make any more trips to K-Mart this week. If any of you snag some great bargains let me know!

I will try to post more often, I have much to say, just not much time right now.


Kristi said...

It is so inspiring to hear of your successes with couponing! I am hoping to go a bit further with mine after the holidays. I can see where it is a challenge personally to get the most for your money, as well as to reap rewards for you and the ones you share with. You go girl !!!

Queen Mother said...

Pa and I were talking about getting a real tree this year.
We must all be missing that wonderful hunt and smell

Penny said...

your tree is so pretty! I love real trees! But the last time I had one, it fell over! LOL my boys thought that was very funny...but i didnt because it broke some of my ornaments..anywho..enjoy the smell from your real tree and I will buy a candle!!!