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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Something to Think About

This has been a very good weekend and it is only Saturday night. Sunday is still coming, and that is my favorite day! I will blog more about the weekend tomorrow. Too much for one post.

Here though is what I need to think about:

On Friday, I had two doctor appointments before we headed south on our little get-away. One of the appointments was with my oncologist. Now, to clarify, I do not have an oncologist for the thyroid cancer I had. Don't need one, they got it all. This oncologist is for the cancer I did not have. Confusing? Yeah, a little. I have seen an oncologist twice for the breast issue. It was not cancer, rather some odd little cells that seem to increase your chances of getting cancer. I am over the 20% mark as far as lifetime risks go for getting breast cancer, and to him that seems to be a big deal. He is very interested in getting me in a clinical trial for a new use of a current drug. There is a drug that is being shown as effective in women who already have advanced breast cancer, but as of yet they do not know for sure if it could prevent breast cancer in women that are just at a higher risk. That is where I come in.

Here is the deal, there is not much out there to try for me anyway, and this drug is not yet available in my instance, so this might be my best shot at a treatment plan. The current popular "preventative" drug has side effects that would not be good for someone like me with a previous heart attack. I am not naming drug names here on purpose. Last time I did that I was given a comment on this blog by a drug company spy or something like that, and I would rather not have commercial endorsements on this blog unless I am the one making them. I do know the name of the drug and plan to research it carefully before accepting any offer that comes my way. There are a lot of questions I would want answered before I would agree as well.

I am going to research that drug now, but I ask that you say a prayer for me for wisdom. I might not even get invited to join in, and I would take that as an answer from God. I should know by about Tuesday.

My other appointment was for my annual "female" visit. I see a nurse practitioner that husband and I both love. She is very good. She had not seen me for a year so she was a bit taken back by all that has happened.

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Penny said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope the decision gives you peace and comfort, whatever it is..