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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Open Letter of Apology

Now, I admit, that most of you who read this will have no idea what this post is about, but some of you will know very well. Read carefully.

This is an open letter to Karen.

Dear Karen,

Please forgive me for being so self absorbed as of late. I admit I have not kept up with those dear to your heart. I have selfishly been writing on my own blog about all of my own troubles and have just not taken the time to read about your precious friends. I used to keep up with you and I knew every heartache that the Baxters felt. I remember well when Kari had the terrible problems with her first husband and the joy that Ryan brought into her life. I wept with Ashley as she struggled to find herself and when she was pushing Landon away, even while I knew he was the best thing for her. I hurt so much for John and Elizabeth when they were trying desperately to find Dane or even to put a name on their firstborn son. How tragic that Elizabeth did not live long enough to see the desire of her heart come to be fulfilled. I followed you closely when Haley nearly drowned and the sorrow that event brought. I watched as Luke has wavered in his faith and in relationships. I have wished so much that Erin and her family could be closer to the rest and not so far away. I cried with the rest of you when Ashley and Landon's baby did not beat the odds and left this earth as soon as she came. I have seen the changes in Brooke and her husband as their faith has grown.

You see Karen, I did do a good job keeping up with you for so long. Remember, I rejoiced when Katie and Dane finally were able to get married and I felt the disappointment she felt with the closing of the CKT. You know that I have admired along with you, the great faith and influence the Flannigans have had in the Bloomington area. What neat people they are.

I am just so sorry that I have neglected you as of late. When I had my heart attack last May it is like I just let the entire Baxter clan go. How can we do that with friends? I know that "Someday" I should read up on your friends and surely I will not let the "Sunset" on these wonderful people. It is just that "Someday" and the "Sunset" are so far out of my mind.

Please Karen, forgive me and be patient with me. I have not even asked my friends how the Baxters are doing because I honestly want to find out for myself. Will you give me another chance?

****Okay, enough already. Please do not put the Baxter family or anyone else mentioned in this post on your church prayer list. Do not ask me how they are doing, and please don't think I have been one big heel of a friend to let a family go through so much and not keep up with them.

The Baxters are a fictitious family. Well, sometimes I wonder, because as many of my friends will attest, we "know" them so well. It is just that I have not kept up in my reading of the books about this family, written by Karen Kingsbury. I have read the first 12 books , however due to my own drama have just not managed to read books 13 and 14. I know, I am a terrible person to abandon them at this point and I beg from all of you die-hards (you know who you are) ( Reta, Kelley, Chel, Sue, etc., etc.,) my forgiveness.


Reta said...

I usually don't respond but I had to on this one! You have really lost it!! Actually, I think a better way of putting it would be " YOUR'E BACK!!!" I know exactly how you feel and I am now very upset because, I thought these people were real!!

Penny said...

i know exactly what you are talking about and I am almost as guilty as you!! I have not read 14 yet, but it is on my book stand, just waiting. the reason I have not started it is because when I do, I wont want to do anything until it's finished!!! I have enjoyed her books so much. I agree that the Baxters almost feel like the family down the street, like someone you have known for a long time...maybe I should start that book tonight? it's raining and I just have laundry to do?? I will keep you posted!!! (no pun intended!)