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Monday, March 23, 2009

KMart Double Coupons

KMart was very good to me!

Everything in this picture came to $6.44 !  
That sure helps the budget!  
Click on the picture of the receipt to make it easier to read!

They are doubling your coupons up to a $2.00 face value this week at certain KMart stores, and lucky for me, mine is one of them.  A $2.00 coupon means $4.00 off !  ( up to the purchase price- they won't give an overage) Many of my items were free!  You can only use 4 of the same coupon in each transaction, so I will be back later this week.  I have a lot of coupons. 

I was bummed that they did not carry Mentos gum in the single packs because I have good coupons for those, but I am visiting my sister later this week and we will check out her KMart. I can always get it cheap (but not free)  at WalMart though.  

Here is what all I ran off with, and the prices I paid:

4 packs of 2 each Oral B toothbrushes (free)
1  3pack of Trident (free)
4 Sure deodorants (free)
4 Gillette Body Wash (.49 each)
4 Fuse drinks (.50 each)
2 Super Stack cans of Pringles (.89 each)
1 box of Lipton tea bags (1.59)
2 Band-Aid fabric bandages (1.29 each)
1 Glade candle (.50)
2 Luden's cough drops (free)
1 bottle Greased Lightening (.49)
1 Pledge duster (free)
1 St. Joseph 81 mg aspirin (.39)
1 Johnson & Johnson first aid to go kits (free)
1 Johnson & Johnson fabric tape (free)

Over $70.00 worth of goodies for $6.44!  If you plan to go , you need to go to KMart's web site and sign up for email notices first because you get a $5.00 off of $50.00 coupon.  Use that first in your transaction, then use all of your other coupons.   That $5.00 coupon helped with all of the items that did not come out free.  

Fun way to start my spring break!

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