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Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe I do need counseling...

No, I am sharing this loot. 

I spent a bit more on this trip to KMart.  A grand total of $22.75.  For both trips I am under $30.00.   Not much needed at the grocery this week, so I will still come in cheap for the week.  Even shopping at the Kroger Mega Sale  when I visit my sister should not break the bank.  However, I am also about out of good coupons, so my trip to visit my sister's  KMart will be quite paltry compared to this.  

Here is the list, only I am not taking the time to breakdown the prices.  If you need a list of ideas to get you started, go here.  She even tells you which insert to find your coupon. 
I purchased:

6 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch (husband LOVES his nightly cereal)
5 Suave body wash (believe it or not, I was getting low on the girly stuff)
2 Gillette body wash
4 Glade oil candle refills (good deal on those, already have the holder)
2 Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads (anxious to try those)
2 Pledge duster refills (I was glad to see those for the holder I snagged earlier, and I didn't know the coupon worked on these, but it clearly stated any multi-surface product)
4 more packages of Oral B toothbrushes
1 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
2 Vaseline body lotions
1 Nature's Source cleaner
4 more Sure deodorants

Whew.  Gotta go put it all away.  Don't be surprised if you are a benefactor of a goodie box in the near future...

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