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Friday, June 3, 2011

G is for Grandparents

is for Grandparents

I only had 2. Well, that is not entirely accurate, I only remember two. I never knew my daddy’s parents, one died right before I was born, and the other when I was about 2 years old. I have no memory of them at all.

My mother’s parents were amazing though. I have so many memories of going to their house, staying all night, spending time in their garden, swinging on their porch swing, and just being with them. My granddad was always a happy man, at least from what I remember. He reminded everyone of Colonel Sanders, and he really enjoyed that fact.

Granddad always had one certain type of white mints on his desk. They were a round, white, chalky type of mints and I remember that they had about 3 Xs on one side. Those mints were the first thing we looked for when we walked into their house. Candy was a luxury in our house, but at Grandma and Granddad’s we knew we were in luck.

I think the one thing I remember and appreciate the most about them was their faith. I would always see Granddad with a Bible close by, and no one could out-do my grandma on any church committee. They loved the Lord with all their heart, and their strongest desire was to see all of their family Love Him as well.

Granddad passed away when I was pregnant with our oldest. I so wish my boys would have known him, Grandma lived until she was ninety-nine. On a day, just 3 months shy of her 100th birthday she woke up and announced that it was the day she was going to die. She assured everyone that before she died though, she would see an angel. I took that premonition serious and drove down to spend the day with her. At about 4:00 in that afternoon we called the ambulance because her bronchitis was sounding worse. As she was being taken out to the ambulance on a gurney, she called out to tell her daughter, my aunt, good-bye. My sister and my aunt got into the car to meet us at the hospital. I was allowed to climb in the back of the ambulance with grandma. Before we even left the driveway of her home, my grandma died. I was never told if she saw her angel, but I am pretty sure she did.

It is odd to me, that my own boys have only known one set of Grandparents as well. Both of my parents passed away before they were born. My husband’s parents have been the only ones they have known, and I am pleased that they too have a great faith that my boys can learn from.

I am not yet a grandma, I pray that I will be someday. Let me tell you now though, I am going to be a great one! I will even buy white mints and leave them on my desk!

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