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Thursday, June 16, 2011

S is for Stuff

is for Stuff

A wise friend once said, "Stuff complicates your life."

I have too much.

Now, I am not talking about consumable items, such as food and toiletries. I do have a supply of those things because I stockpile (buying at rock bottom prices to avoid ever paying retail). However, I do not stockpile to the extent that I fill a room.

I am talking about furniture, clothing, and decorative items. Our house if full from corner to corner and I long for a simpler lifestyle. I do not think I could ever be a true minimalist, owning 12 items of clothing, but I would greatly like to reduce what we own.

In 1993 I went on a short term mission trip to Haiti. One would think that after a trip there, I would never own anything in excess. Sadly, good old American consumerism has caught up with me. The items I put in our trash would be cherished by people there.

Part of my accumulation is due to the fact that I delay decisions. When I don't know quite what to do with an item, I put it in a closet, stuff it in a corner, or send it to the basement. Now, please don't start thinking I am going to try out to be on one of those "popular" hoarding shows. I am not where near that . All of our rooms in our home are functioning rooms, I just have too much stuff. I am not even emotionally attached to most of it, and would gladly clear it away. I just lack motivation and physical ability to lift some of it.

Someday however you may drive by and see a large sign;


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