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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Thursday, June 9, 2011

M is for Mother

is for Mother

Isn’t M always for Mother? I mean what else would it be?

I had one.

I am one.

I have an amazing Mother-in-law.

I had a sweet mother. She was 41 when I was born, the last of her babies, her 2nd little girl after 7 boys. She had a special way of loving. Each of us 9 children grew up thinking we were her favorite, (but I’m sure I really was). Mother was a stay at home mom until I reached 4th grade. Due to health issues Daddy could no longer work, and Mother found a job at a local bakery. What a great job to a kid. Donuts, cakes, pies, and fresh bread would come home with Mother on a daily basis. Not good for a growing girl’s metabolism, but boy did they taste great. After my sister and I got a few years older we would make weekly trips to downtown to spend our allowance, and we always stopped at “Mother’s bakery”. She was promoted along the way to a cake decorator and we loved watching her put the cake up on the turntable and make roses to decorate it. A few years later she moved down the street to a job at Kresgees, and then to a Kmart before resigning due to her own health issues.

The worse thing about Mother is that I did not have her long enough. I was just 21 years old before she passed away, 5 weeks before my wedding, and much too soon if you ask me. I would like to think that I have inherited a few things from her. I know that some of my shopping strategies were from her, and hopefully some of my cooking skills.

I miss her every day, and in reality I always will, but I know that someday I will have an amazing family reunion with her.

I am a mother.

I think because I had such a great mother it made me want to be one all the more. I have been blessed with two sons that I love dearly, and yes, each is my favorite. I pray that I can leave some of the things with them that Mother taught me and that they will also get to know her more through me.

I also have an amazing mother-in-law.

Even saying that is against traditional views. I have actually had her in my life much longer than I had my own mother, and have grown to love her so much over the years. She has also been one to teach me many things: how to love your husband more than any other earthly person, how to devote your life to serving God and others, and how to make a mean batch of chicken and noodles.

M has to be for Mothers!

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