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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Monday, June 6, 2011

J is for Jake & Joel

J is for Jake & Joel
No other way around this one folks. When I told Joel that I was going to blog through the alphabet, his immediate response was, “What is J going to be?” He already wondered which of them I would write about.
How does a mom choose? If she is smart, she doesn’t.
Steve and I were married for 6 years before Jake was born. I had had a miscarriage before Jake and then had complications for the first 5 weeks of my pregnancy with him. I was fearful for the rest of the pregnancy, and more than delighted when he was born. He brought so much joy to us. Neither of us could believe how much we could love someone. He was a happy baby for the most part, but did not sleep well at all. I am sure part of that was my fault because I would run in and grab him out of his crib at the least little whimper. He did not nap well either so I was a walking zombie for the entire first year.
22 months later Joel was born. We wondered before he was born just how we could love someone as much as Jake, where does more love come from? Then we held him, and realized that in the very minute he was born, our love multiplied exponentially.
Joel was my sleeper. (still is…) He slept through the night early on, and took two long naps a day for a long time. I think most of that is because I vacuumed in his room while he was sleeping so that I would train him to sleep better than Jake.
I love my boys. I love the children they were and the men they have become. I look forward to watching where God takes them.
I would have to say that the letter J is very important to me!


Penny said...

I am fond of "J's" too!!

Inkling said...

When we have our next one, you can plan on coming to my house for several weeks to teach both me and the newest arrival how to sleep. And hopefully, my firstborn will finally be sleeping in his own bed. I confess that it's mainly my whole "but what if something happens to him and I'm not there soon enough" fears that are the reason he still has an ever growing reservation in our bed. Oops. At least Jake sleeps on his own....even if he didn't sleep well when he was little.

p.s. I really think you should have invited some guest posters to recount their favorite J&J stories. But then again, Shauna and I want our cousins to love us. =)