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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Sunday, April 13, 2008


( That would be "out of pocket" for you non bargainese speaking readers)

Okay, I know I said I would take a break this week, but this was a deal of deals. I just happened to be at my CVS at the perfect time. The basket sets were on clearance 90 % off which made them 99 cents each! The M&Ms are buy one get one free at $3.29. After my $5.00 Extra Care Buck I was able to only spend 27 cents! Not sure how they did the math on that one, because I thought I would need to pay more in tax, but that is how it played out. After CVS I went to Walgreens and bought a few items to put back for Christmas because I had amazing coupons for them and a $10.00 register reward . Great trip there as well, $38.29 in merchandise for only $ 4.21 out of my pocket. I cannot post that picture though because other than 2 packs of gum, the rest are for Christmas gifts.

I am now in semi retirement mode though, because there really isn't anything I can justify buying and I will just hold on to my remaining $18.00 in Extra Care Bucks until the new monthly deals come out in May. Lucky for me my bucks do not expire until May 9th.

In other news, my house needs my attention. I will be working each evening this week to try to make my home a haven and get a better grip on some much needed organizing. My girl group from church comes over Wednesday night and I need to be ready for them.

So the rest of you have my blessing to spend your heart out at CVS this week, you will not be affecting my bargain hunting in any way. Clean their shelves off if you want, my own shelves are full! Once May hits though , back off!

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a wandering heart said...

Good for you! I'm going to have to hang out here and learn more of your money-saving tips!