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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday savings and frustrations

Today proved to be bit frustrating, and a bit exciting.

Early this morning, we drove 40 miles to take our car to the dealer because it needed an under-warranty repair. We were assured on Tuesday when husband set up the appointment that they did indeed have the necessary part in stock and that it should be a relatively quick fix. Well, guess what…no part in stock. They knew we were coming, they knew what the problem was, and they knew we lived 40 miles away. Like I said, it was a bit frustrating. So, another trip must be made this week to return the car to the dealer. It just would have been nice if they had called to say they no longer had that part and that we might want to reschedule.

I was able to put an old saying into practice though; I turned a “lemon day” into a “lemonade day”. A trip to Target after leaving the dealership was the kicker; I purchased $77.00 worth of things for $16.00 out of pocket. I had a pouch full of coupons and stopped at the service desk first to make sure that they would not limit me before I got to the register with that many coupons. On most every item I purchased I was able to use two coupons, one manufacturer and one printable Target coupon. Oh how fun it is to double up that way, making quite a few of my items free. The checkout girl and the checkout manager that came to help her (I said I had a LOT of coupons) were both impressed. I purchased a wide variety of items, dog food, sponges, granola bars, cinnamon bread (yum), and more.

I have now stocked our shelves to the point that I can sit back now and wait for the sweetest deals to come to me. I do not have to settle for a just good deal on something because the need is no longer there. I will wait, and if an item is free or nearly free I will pick it up.

Since returning home today I have been quite busy, playing catch up in my house, fixing tonight’s supper and preparing lasagna to put in the oven after church tomorrow. We usually seem to eat out on Sundays but with all of the good deals I am getting it makes sense to be frugal in this area as well and plan our meals to avoid eating out.

I am already looking forward to church tomorrow. I love our involvement with the high school youth and look forward each week to seeing “my girls”. I have the same girl group every Sunday in our youth hour and they are the ones that meet with me in my home every other Wednesday night. Husband meets with the same group of guys each Sunday as well. I know that husband and I are supposed to be the “leaders” and are supposed to help impart some bit of wisdom upon these students, but it is amazing how much we are gaining in the process.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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