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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Showers of Blessings

In late March, our youngest will be heading off for yet another adventure. He will head to Kenya for a short-term mission trip. Yes, Kenya. It is a trip, which I know will break his heart, open his eyes, and stir his soul for years to come. He will work primarily in the village of Mitumba doing hard labor rebuilding homes lost in a fire. He will go to help bless the people of Mitumba, but will leave as the one who was blessed. His heart will never be the same. Last year he went to Taiwan, working at an orphanage for two weeks. He fell in love with the children there. He fell in love with the people, culture, and food of Taiwan. I am convinced that if it had been suggested, he would have stayed there as his team returned to the U.S.

He has a soul that is meant for adventure, and a spirit of generosity. These trips fit him like a glove. They are arranged through his college, and are "mandatory". Yet we feel they are a privilege. He has been honored to travel to these lands and has embraced the tasks which they bring.

I have been asked how I feel about him going to a place of poverty, disease, and unrest. I was asked if I was going to "let" him go. I do not have a choice. Regardless of the age of my son, I feel I would be interrupting God's plans if I were to deny him this trip.

Just recently he sent out letters asking for support . The trip budget is just too great for us, and he is encouraged to send out such letters. The blessings have been pouring in, some great , some small, yet all needed and appreciated. All affirming this trip in our eyes. God seems to want our boy in Kenya.

I ask for prayers now, in advance of this trip. God knows the details. Just tell him Silver Belle sent you.



Funny how people ask or say the word "let" They do not understand God's plan or will. And yes your son is Blessed and I suspect you have encouraged him to be kind enough and faithfully enough to have His plan lead your son. Many prayers to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

May God's Blessings be bountiful upon your family and that your son may go and find adventure, heart, love and growth in Kenya. I look forward to hearing of his adventures through you.

lauren said...

I will be praying for him and you as he follows God's calling!
I was blessed to be able to go on several mission trips during college. Some in the US, but two to Mexico (1 week and 1 month). And hubby and I went to the Dominican Republic a month after 9/11, as part of another team. I am grateful that my parents supported me when I traveled to Mexico. And there were times that I felt like I was the one being ministered to, by the believers I spent time with.

Grace said...

Smart Guy spent 3 weeks in Ghana several summers ago... it changed him in many ways. If Inkling has her way, we'll be taking our youth to a strange, far away, foreign country to minister to homeless teens in a couple of summers... Canada.