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Monday, January 1, 2007

When you pray...

I am taking back something that I said in my earlier post. I stated that I had no resolutions. I have broken that already, I DO have a resolution. I am comitting to reading my Bible again on a daily basis. I do currently read, just not daily. I am hoping that one of you cyberbuddies, or one of my friends, or family members will hold me accountable to this. I have a One Year Bible that Husband's sister gave us a few years ago. I have not decided if I will use that or my favorite Bible. I am leaning toward using my own.

I also have two things to share with you. Both are prayer prompters. One you might be familiar with, the other I heard on Christian radio a while back. I wish I knew the gal's name who wrote a book which this was in so I could give her credit.

1. When we pray , follow the ACTS acronym:

A- Adoration
C- Confession
T- Thanksgiving
S- Supplication

This one puts our wants last, we are not used to that... Our youth minister uses this one with the students at church and it is a good one.

2. The second follows the word BLESS : When we pray for others, this is a great formula for what to pray for.

B- Body, pray for physical needs and physical safety
L- Labor, pray for the work of this person, it could be their job, school, home making, or whatever
E- Emotional, pray for their emotional needs and emotional safety
S- Social, pray for social contacts, friends, and for healthy relationships
S- Spiritual, do not forget to pray for their spiritual health, even if they are already a Christian

I love that one, because it encompasses every are of our friend's or loved one's lives.

Let me know if these work for you, and like I said, hold me accountable. I will let you know where my reading takes me.

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lauren said...

Hi Aunt Silver Belle,
I want to read through the Bible this year. I'm not sure if I have ever truly made it all the way through. That's sad, I know. So, I'll encourage you in this if you'll encourage me. :-)

Thanks for sharing those great acronyms!