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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Trim in Time Saves 90...

Word of advice: if you have a dog. Do not delay in having their nails trimmed. We knew that our black lab, Katie needed a trim. We talked about it several times. But, as things go, we just put it off. I do not trim her nails. They are all black and I am never sure where the quick is and I get scared. So we knew that a trip to the vet would be necessary.

Last night she greeted husband at the door as she always does when he arrives home from work. She was ready to play. She has a great dog-ball, with a built in handle so she can bring it back each time husband throws it. After about 3-4 times fetching the ball, they came back into the house. Immediately we noticed blood drops on the floor. Big ones. Luckily they had entered in the kitchen and I quickly blocked off the entrances to the carpeted areas. Upon examination we discovered that the poor girl had broken a nail. Now, that is bad enough when us real girls do that, but this was a small disaster. Blood everywhere, and neither husband or I quite knew what to do. We grabbed a fabric band-aid which stayed on for 3 seconds, then had better luck with a second band-aid. A brilliant thought entered my mind, and we slipped a sock up and over her paw, stretching halfway up her leg. After taping this snugly around the top we finally had her set for the night and she was welcome into the rest of the house.

Today, husband took her to the vet for a “removal of broken toe-nail”. This is where the story really gets ugly. Any time there are the words “removal of” in a medical procedure you can expect to pay the big bucks. $91.50 later, Katie is good to go. All nails neatly trimmed, antibiotics sent home and weeks worth of treatment: orally and topically.

I guess she is worth it. She was husbands 25th anniversary gift. It is just too bad she is not on husband’s insurance.

The picture is before this event. And yes, her nails were too long.


Jake said...

do you think that is why she might have been limping? nails too long?

Grace said...

Oh no!! Bowzer is desperate need of a nail trim. He actually just broke one off and it bled a few days ago. We didn't take him in yet though. He seems fine and it doesn't seem to be bothering him. We're horrible dog owners I guess, but we love him!!

Farm Wife said...

Poor Katie! Andrew breaks nails all the time (black nails are a boil on the butt of dog owners), but his never bleed. Hope she mends soon...and AKC offers dog insurance,but I don't think it's really worth it.

lauren said...

poor pup!