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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And the Award for "Most Experienced Aunt" goes to...

With the addition of Farm Wife’s new Bitsy into the family, and in the tradition of Farm Wife’s animal count, I thought I would stop and do my own tally. Mine, however is the tally of nieces and nephews. Sad to say, I cannot just come up with this number off the top of my head. I actually had to plot a crude graph on paper and put tally marks under all of husband’s siblings and mine. Here goes:

Husband’s Side:

3 Nieces
3 Nephews

3 Great Nieces
4 Great Nephews

My Side:

12 Nieces
9 Nephews

17 Great Nieces
12 Great Nephews

1 Great-Great Niece

Grand total of Nieces and Nephews for Husband and I ………..64 !! Plus, I am pleased to say that one of my nieces is expecting in late November! We might even hit 100 before you know it!

I think I should have a new title, like Most Supreme Aunt, or Greatest of All Aunts, Most Experienced Aunt. Surely there is a title more fitting to be had than just “Aunt”.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh..your house is bursting at the seams.

a wandering heart said...

Congratulations to someone who must be a very GREAT Aunt!!!!

Inkling said...

Oh, most supreme, venerable, honorable, and esteemed Auntie, thank you for being such a fun and wonderful Aunt.