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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Friday, June 22, 2007

EXTRAordinary life

It has been hard to come back to blogging after experiencing the pain that my friend has gone through this last week. I feel guilty knowing that my life has changed little in the last week, while hers will never be the same.

I will say this; we all take way too much for granted. Part of me thinks that my everyday life is not worthy of writing about; while another part of me now realizes that my everyday life is not only worthy of writing about, but also worthy of celebrating. We all need to come to this realization and enjoy every part of our lives.

I have had a good week. I have spent each day with cherished family or friends. The events of this past week have helped me to realize just how important those moments have been.

Sunday was Father's day, and while my own Father has been gone for many years, I have an incredible relationship with my Father-in-law. We spent Sunday at their house and were reminded of the gift we have been given. My husband has always had a precious relationship with his parents and I am bleessed to have married into this.

On Monday night I went out to eat with my amazing group of girlfriends. How fortunate I am to have this circle of friends. We are not able to get together often, yet when we do, we have loads of fun. The eight of us all belong to the same church and share our faith. We are truly sisters.

Tuesday afternoon, I spent lying on a raft in the pool of one of those friends. Just soaking up some sun, catching up on family, and laying aside the cares of this world.

On Wednesday, My sister, brother, and sister-in-law came to visit. I do not get to see this brother and his wife enough. Every time I do though, I am reminded of the miracle in his life. He is a heart transplant recipient. While he is nearly 70 years old, his heart is much younger. He recently celebrated his 7th "birthday". The four of us met another brother for lunch and had a wonderful visit.

Thursday found me having lunch again, this time with my dear friend and co-worker. She is the teacher in the class where I assist. I have been truly blessed by being able to work along side of her for the last 10 years. Not everyone can be as lucky as I to be able to not only get along with, but to cherish the person you work the closest with.

Then, on Thursday afternoon my friend Chrissy came to visit. We just sat for an hour and a half in my living room talking. She has a long road ahead of her and I still ask for prayers for her. I am reminded every time I am near her what an amazing young woman she is.

Today, Friday, I spent the morning with my husband and youngest son going to yard sales. Okay, I know that is not for everyone, but it is something we like. There seems to be buried treasure waiting to be found, and we enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

This evening, his best friend from college is spending the night; we all went out to eat. I love it when my boys have friends over. I try to spoil them and make them feel truly at home.

Tomorrow, I will travel the one-hour to my sister’s and to go to a ladies’ brunch at her church. I will also get to see my niece and spend time with each of them.

You see, I am so very blessed. God has put incredible people in my “ordinary” life, and spending time with them will never seem ordinary again.

Now, I realize that we are not always able to have a week where we are free for lunches, visits, lounging in a pool or trekking around to yard sales. I also realize that my having the summer off from work makes this type of week possible. I just ask that when these moments present themselves that you intentionally be in the moment. Enjoy the company of those dear to you while you can.

I urge you all to take stock of the relationships you have in your life. Make it a point to spend time with those you can, and to call those you can’t spend time with. Do not take anyone or anything in your life for granted.

I also must take advantage of this moment and ask that you also take stock of the relationship you have with the Lord. If this most important relationship is not where it should be, then do what you can now to make it right. I know that it is my relationship with God that enhances all of my other relationships. He makes my “ordinary” life extraordinary!

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Anonymous said...

Silver Belle your life is worthy of writing about. Trust me when I say this. There will come a time that your children, grands or other kin will come calling upon you to ask about your life. I have been searching documents, letters and books for information regarding my many branches of kin. I am trying to soak up as much as I can about who they were and what their life was like. I don't like reading just birth date-death date and nothing in between.

So post, write, journal, vent, rejoice. I would love to read it.