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Friday, July 25, 2008

My Coupon System

This is my coupon filing system. It has gone through a few changes over the last few months, but now I think I have found the method that works for me.

~ First I clip all the coupons that I can possibly imagine using. I used to clip EVERY single coupon, but I found that I threw many away. I am a bit more selective, but as you can see, I still clip tons.
~ Next, I lay out my envelopes. The category is written on the top and sides of each envelope. I place them sideways on the table so I can see the category, and so I have room to lay out the coupons.
~ Then I just pick up each little pile, take the coupons off the top of the envelope and stuff them inside.

This is an example of some of the sub-categories in my filing system.

My filing box was a gift from my sister. She purchased it at Staples. It normally sells for about $6.00. so the price is very reasonable. She had gotten one for herself for free using recycled ink cartridge coupons (frugality at its best). I like it because it will fit in a grocery cart, I can sub divide the sections with envelopes, it closes, so I can prevent spilling the contents in the grocery aisle, and it is large enough to hold my stash.
The blank envelopes in front are for when I plan a shopping trip. I will pull out one envelope, place the coupons I will need for a particular store, then write the store's name on that envelope and place it back in the front. Practically all of my purchases are well planned in advance. I do not buy much on the spur of the moment, but having a carefully planned list with coupons ready in an envelope, AND having my complete collection with me gives me the best of both worlds. I can purchase planned items, and take advantage of a great coupon deal that I did not know about in advance.

This last picture shows how I sub divided one of my categories: the food section. This file system only came with 12 dividers and that is not near enough for me, but by making smaller sections within the category I think I can find everything easily.

I know there are many methods of coupon organization out there, but this works for me.

Stay tuned, because soon I will post pictures of my newly organized stockpile!


Heather B said...

I love your coupon organizer! So cute! I keep reading about this CVS couponing thing, but I just feel like I couldn't pull it off. My friend Amy does it and I can't calculate how she gets it so cheap! When I try to add up what she gots it's always for much more! Maybe I will give it a try. Thank you for sharing your organizing techniques.

Brandy said...

So far I really like how organized mine is. The only thing I'm still working on is dividing up the HBA section a little more.

And I think the way you've done your envelopes might just work. Thanks for stopping by AND for the great tip!