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"Today I am one day nearer home than ever before. One day nearer the dawning when the fog will lift, mysteries clear, and all question marks straighten up into exclamation points!
 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Monday, July 7, 2008


Today was one of those days. I could have had a few more hours and maybe I would have gotten everything done.

6:15 rise and shine (well, rise anyway, I do not “shine” before 8:00)

8:30- cardiac rehab , I am getting better at this, and they are adding a few more minutes to my routine.

9:30- had to stop by a local doctor’s office to pick up necessary paperwork for youngest son’s new college

9:45- quick trip into Walgreen’s, just bought the Bayer Heart Advantage with a coupon, received a $2.00 register reward for another purchase.

10:00- “had” to run into CVS. The coupon scanner was VERY good to me today. I just kept scanning my card until it told me to come back tomorrow. 12 coupons spitted out, and they were actually for good stuff. None of them were used today though. I will see what the next ad brings. I bought just 3 things, 2 Pert Plus shampoos that ended up costing 50 cents each after manufacturer’s coupons and the sale price, and a hand soap that I used the $2.00 skin care coupon on. It was 50 cents as well.

10:30- stopped by our insurance agent’s to add youngest son’s “new” car on our policy.

10:40- stopped at husband’s work for a moment

10:45- dropped off our property tax bill at the bank for payment from our escrow account

10:50- stopped at our other Walgreen’s and thought about spending the $2.00 register reward, decided to wait and use it on milk later in the week

11:00- got home just in time to prepare lunch for husband and myself

11:10- husband came home for his lunch break, I love it that he gets to come home everyday, and that he is great about eating up leftovers!

11:45- began a daunting task of necessary paperwork for son’s new college and numerous phone calls that had to be made. I sat for 4 hours in my dining room taking care of household business. Youngest son and I made numerous calls about his college plans and ran into difficulty with his schedule. Thankfully he was able to get an appointment for tomorrow with an advisor to help with his schedule.

4:00- ran back to husband’s work to take a check for him to sign, then to the bank, got gas (ouch) and stopped back by his work for a minute

4:45- quick trip to the closest CVS. This was fun. I talked myself out of doing the current mascara BOGO deal ( I currently have 10 tubes in my stockpile that cost me nearly nothing, I cannot see paying $8.99 just to get a BOGO deal when I do not need it. I will not get anymore mascara unless the deal is for free or perhaps for 50 cents) I made one small purchase and the fun part is, I gave the clerk some of the skin care coupons I had printed. She was thrilled.

5:15- home again, took a quick shower and got ready for a meeting at church, did some more necessary paperwork, for the meeting tonight

7:00- meeting at church and then a quick supper at Wendy’s afterwards.

9:00- MORE paperwork, this to take to a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and finally checking emails and catching up on the blog

I could have used a few more hours. A few for relaxing would be nice.

Good thing about this day---while I was busy with all of this, my sons did ALL of the laundry, took care of the dishwasher, dishes , cleaned the kitchen (twice), took care of the pets and basically maintained the household.

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