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Sunday, July 27, 2008

To CVS I Go...

Here is what I am planning for my first trip to CVS this week:

1 Revlon Limited Edition Item 9.99

1 Band-Aid Ultra Strips 2.99

minus $2/ Q on Revlon
minus $1/Q on Band-Aid

-should be around $10.00, I will pay with a $10.00 ECB, might need a small filler in there, will decide that at the store.

-will get back 11.99 in ECBs. Should make some bucks on this. Remember, I am basically only adding to the stockpile if my items are free or a money maker.

I also plan to scope out this week's candy deal to see if the Mentos Gum is included, I've used all my Life Savers B1G1 Qs, so I need something to make the candy deal profitable before I try it.

I will post my success later.


The Revlon makeup was a bit hard to find, this CVS does not always have the ad signs out, so you have to hunt for the items on sale. It is a fancy blush that I probably would not have bought otherwise. But hey- free is free!

So, I bought the blush and a package of Band Aids and had coupons for both so that brought my prices down. I did need a filler to make the most of my $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks. I bought M&Ms and if I plan to do the candy deal I am 50 cents ahead.

Spent 10 ECBs, and 51 cents OOP. Earned 11.99 in ECBS. Not bad.

I do not think the Mentos gum is included on the candy deal.


Erin said...

Nice deals. Now I'm worried about my CVS being out of the Revlon deals so maybe I'll head over now. I remember it was really tough to find the Physicians Formula mascara a few weeks back.

Erin @

Mercedes said...

The mentos Gum was $2/1 at my CVS. Not a good deal with the 55 cent coupons out.
I saw the revlon products but I didn't have any manufacturer coupons. I also picked ome of that same make up on clrearance at Target about a month ago. Got some overage with the revlon target coupon and the manufacturer one. So I passed on that at CVS. Loaded up on lifesavers though. Check your gas stations for coupons 0.50/1 payday/skor bars. those are included and are prices 50 cents each.

Anita said...

Thanks for the tip Mercedes. I am debating just calling it a week with shopping. I am so stocked that except for milk and some cereal I could take a week (or 10) off!