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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Stockpile: Part 1

This is why I love to CVS and coupon. By the way, I love it how "CVS" and "coupon" have now become VERBS to so many!

These shelves basically hold the overflow. My kitchen cabinets hold what I normally use and when we run out of something we "shop" in the basement first. The standing drawer units hold entirely health and beauty items. The large shelving unit is mostly food , household goods, and our larger health and beauty items. I will detail the large shelving unit in this post. My next post will go into more detail on the stacking drawer contents.

The very top holds tissues and wipes, next shelf holds paper plates, bowls, and food items.

Next we have condiments, more food items, and drinks. Under those are my dish detergents, cleaning products and household items. (and a stray bag of Malt-0-Meal)

The bottom shelf holds body washes, shampoo, and hair items. The retail value of this shelf alone would probably take care of my entire grocery budget for 3 months. When I think of what I actually paid for these items it boggles my mind. Many of these were totally free and others were just pennies at CVS.


If you do not stockpile, then you will probably think I am one of those crazy horders that appear on talk shows and need intensive interventions. I assure you, that I can and do say no. I just haven't had to . If something is free or just pennies I will take it.

However, if you do understand the concept of stockpiling, then you will probably give me a thumb's up.
My stockpile is located in my basement, my house is over 80 years old, so the basement is not much to look at. The fact that I am even showing these pictures is a big step for me. However, God has blessed me with the ability to "purchase" many many of these items for free, and the others at a very low cost and I want to share what careful planning, and couponing can do for you.

The joy of the stockpile means I will not have to pay full price for any of these items for a very long time. I can concentrate my weekly purchases on only the things we need and look for the best deals on those. For instance, right now believe it or not, we are low on cereal. Husand loves his cereal. I have a few boxes, but need to watch for deals on that soon. When a deal hits, I can buy 6 or 8 boxes at once without feeling like I am taking away from money needed for other things because I do not need other things.


Mercedes said...

Wow! great job!! I have room in the basement and I do need to get my husband to build me some shelves so I can put stuff down there. but right now most of my stuff is out of eye sight.

Marcy said...

That is awesome! You are so organized...and I love the bin idea. Thanks for sharing! :-)