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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The $20.00 Challenge

****Thank you so very much to those of you who commented on my last post. It is just good every now and then to have a feel of just who is reading. Sometimes I get kinda raw in my posting and I just need to know who might be reading. I know there are others that read and do not comment, and that is okay.

Now, just so you know that I've still "got" it. I had a very successful shopping trip this afternoon! I don't have pictures, so I know it is boring without pics, but take my word for what I am about to share about the power of couponing!

I started with a $20.00 bill that husband gave me after church.

1st Transaction, stopped at CVS after church:

2 "big city" newspapers-- total $3.50

2nd Transaction, went to Walgreens while husband was napping:

2- 8 oz bags of Mexican blend cheese
2- 8 oz bags of cheddar cheese
3- 18 oz jars of Peter Pan peanut butter
4- Glade Plug Ins
I had coupons for everything and due to store sales and coupons and a $5.00 Walgreens Register Reward from a deal last week my total (drum roll please) was--$ 3.85

3rd Transaction, I went across town to the "big" CVS:

2 small boxes Malt-O-Meal Cinnamon Toasters cereal
2 boxes Nabisco Premium Saltines
1 Kotex Liner
1 CVS hand soap
1 bag of pretzels -donated to the troops

Here, due to coupons my total was a mere $ .78 (yep, 78 cents!) I earned $1.49 in Extra Bucks

4th Transaction, came back by the CVS by my home because the other one was out of Pepsi:

2- 12 packs of Pepsi
2- 12 packs of Diet Pepsi
I had a $2/$10 coupon and $5.00 in Extra Bucks , so I spent only $ 5.39 (earned $3.00 Extra Bucks)

My total for the day from my original $20.00 is: (including newspapers I bought to sweeten the coupon stack)

$ 5.39

$13.52 !

Somewhere though I lost a dime, because I only have $6.38 left in my billfold. I guess with these deals I can part with one dime. It does hurt though...

Youngest is all moved in to his new apartment. It is a nice apartment and he has very nice roommates. One of the guys formally went to the Bible college that youngest had attended, so he knows him well. This is a very nice, clean, new apartment right on campus. From what I hear, these guys like it kept neat. Music to my ears. We unloaded him, took he and his friend out to a good lunch, then to WalMart (of course) to purchase some groceries and necessities.

I am taking it easy this evening. I do not like to be on the run all of the time. I am tired and will let husband and oldest son pamper me tonight!

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Margie said...

Anita .... I use to never read blogs. I felt like I spying in on someones personal thoughts... silly, I guess. Sue O. has been giving me a hard time about that for years. Stacey sent her an email saying to read your blog.. she emailed that message to me and said.. read it. I did. It was the day you got your bad news. That day, I was feeling sorry for myself because we were putting in a new well... took three wells before they hit water... destroyed our yard. Then I read your blog and my problems were quickly put in perspective. We don't know each other real well... but I'm with you. I pray everyday for you and I read your blog faithfully (you write well!) People you don't even know are praying for you... people you don't even know, care about you... You're a special gal. Hey, I thought I was thrifty... you got me beat! I'm going to have to start cutting those couponds again.
One of your sisters,
Margie Hutton