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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Posts so far Today...Maybe more to Come

I must be really pensive right now, either that or just suffering from insomnia, but I have been wondering something...

I know that everyone who reads my blog does not share in my faith, but I have a question. I would love to know the honest answers to these questions, but I don't know if I will really get answers. That is okay, it is just that these questions have been rattling around in my head for a while now and it is time for me to get them out. I have seen those 'man on the street" type of interviews, and I really do not want to pose these questions in that manner, and this is my other best option.

Here goes.

First question: Do you consider yourself to be Christian, atheist, or agnostic ?

Second question: At time of deep stress, or deep sadness in your life what do you do, do you cry out to anyone, God maybe, whatever your concept is of Him, or do you basically suck it up and go it on your own?

Third question: If you do not consider yourself to be a Christian, do you pray?

With all I have gone through lately I have mentioned that I wonder how people who do not have a true relationship with God handle these things, but the more I think about it, I really want to know.

I wish I could have a heart to heart talk with those who do not believe as I do without them thinking I am being preachy or judgmental, I just really want to know how different people handle stressful times.

My enquiring mind wants to know.

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Sarah said...

Hi. I don't think you are being judgemental, and I too think that your question is an interesting and intriguing one. I used to believe very strongly in God, was active in our church, but a few things happened that I won't go into here and I have lost my faith. It didn't happen overnight, but after a lot of thinking, a lot of consideration.I miss not being able to sit down and pray. I miss the feeling that I could hand everything over to God. But now I don't. Now I talk to friends, family or go for a run, or cuddle my children. I just dig within myself, cry and keep going. I write on my blog to get my feelings out and I am very lucky to have people around me who care. I do not pray, not even at my darkest times. Not any more.I am , on the whole, content and at peace and sure that for me this is the right path. I respect people who have faith and those who don't. I do my best to be a good , kind person. But, for me there is no longer a God. I don't know what I would call myself - an atheist seems too strong. Who can really be 100% certain ? An agnostic sounds too wishy washy.I am just me, trying to be the best I can. I think that this life is all you get so you have to make it the best you can both for yourself and for those you meet along the way.Hope I haven't rambled on too long !! Sarah