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 I shall see the King!"     Vance Havner

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Not to do on a Treadmill...

Okay, so a heart atack, cancer, and another cancer scare must not be enough to keep my pain level up, evidently I need to self inflict an injury to sustain my pain.

Case in point: Last night friends came to see us to celebrate my birthday. I decided to show them my new treadmill. First mistake, I got on with just socks. Don't do that. I was walking along at .5 miles an hour though, not enough to cause harm and everything was fine. Until, I decided to show the husband some of the wonderful treadmill features, like the incline- no problem. Then I wanted to show him that it can go really fast for those interested in running (he is an avid runner). Only problem is that I did not really mean to push the 12 mile an hour button when I pointed to it. Whoa Nellie. It started going very fast, very fast. (get it, like .5 to 12 mph in two seconds.) I felt like George Jetson screaming, "Jane stop this crazy thing!" Only Jane did not come to my rescue. I panicked and forgot how easy it is to kill the thing by pulling that little saftey rope, and instead started trying to reduce the speed as I normally do, in .5 mph increments. Not near quickly enough to prevent a potentially serious accident.

All of a sudden my husband stopped it for me, but not until my left ankle decided to fly off the back end and lay across the belt while it is spinning out of control. New words for my vocabulary -- road rash. OUCH. I am left with a half dollar size angry, nasty, oozing rash and an egg size swelling across the right side of my left ankle! Luckily I can walk, and even found shoes to wear today that seem to work. I am not really in too much pain, which is surprising when you see my ankle.

So, I think I have learned my lessons. First wear shoes, then pay attention and do not try to show off. Also, I now know that the controls are sensitive and have saftey features built in for a reason!

My adventures continue!

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Grace said...

All I have to say is "ouch"!